Our Company

Driven to serve

Having a presence in Myanmar since 2005, our company has since been legally and dutifully incorporated as a MIC/FIL entity in Myanmar.

Our industry specific expertise in the Oil & Gas sector, range from Aiport fuel depot projects, Fuel Terminal Depots, Fuel retail (Petrol Stations) and allied projects.

We also represent petrochemical companies, to improve efficiency of machinaries and end products in the mining industry, engine driven machines sector, road construction & rehabilitation as well as lubricants.


A dedicated team of professionals, adept in engineering designs, adhering strictly to industry standards.

Forward Thinking

We think out of the box, implementing the most modern engineering for a myriad of projects here in Myanmar.

Problem Solvers

We anticipate and plan for every scenario, against issues that may arise. Prevention rather than cure is our motto.

Customer Support

We offer local support teams, not only for rapid response, but the guarantee to be able to arrive at sites within 24 hours.

Fan Yok Kong

Fan Yok Kong

Founder, Director & Entrepreneur

His vision and strong desire for a better tomorrow, is that which drives him to focus and bring much needed modern advances in technology, to Myanmars Oil & Gas Sector.

Marcus Loke

Marcus Loke

Consultant at large, Advisor & Entrepreneur

He brings to the team, a prolific and experienced point of view, and has gained over a decade and a half of life as well as business experiences here in the Golden Land of Myanmar.

David Myo

David Myo

Senior Project Manager & Head Engineer

He is a focused and well versed veteran in the engineering field. Having both local and overseas experiences, in the scopes of project planning, designing and implementation